Sport Prawns

M/V Keythera

Another vessel used to catch mostly spot prawns but is used for various other fisheries throughout the year such as FAS salmon & tuna

Length: 50 ft.
Production: FAS spot prawns, salmon & tuna. Fresh halibut & prawns
Gear type: Longline, trap, troll


M/V Pacific Titan

Used for various different fisheries such as FAs spot prawns, tuna & salmon. We are proud to name one of our brands after this beauty!

Length: 56 ft.
Production: FAS spot prawns, tuna 7 salmon. fresh halibut & rockfish
Gear type: Longline, trap, troll


M/V Triple M 111

Plays an important role in the production our frozen-at-sea spot prawns. Also produces FAS salmon such as king salmon and coho, FAS albacore tuna & fresh halibut at seasonal periods of the year.

Length: 50 ft.
Production: FAS tuna, salmon, spot prawns & fresh halibut and rockfish
Gear type: longline, troll, trap


M/V Snowfall

The only vessel in our fleet without a freezer system. It is used mostly for packing fresh salmon and for fishing fresh halibut & rockfish

Length: 70 ft.
Productoin: Fresh halibut rockfish & salmon
Gear type: Longline


M/V Mandala

The latest addition to our fleet this boat has been used for catching FAs spot prawns up to this point but will be used for FAS tuna, sablefish & salmon as well

Length: 52 ft.
Production: FAS spot prawns, tuna, black cod, salmon
Gear type: Longline, trap, troll


M/V Bold Performance

The first vessel that made a name for the company purchased in 1997. It is used to fish sablefish all year round and with its superb freezing system allows us to freeze the product at temperatures of -30 C and below. The "BP" is the mother ship of our entire fleet.

Length: 95 feet.
Production: Sablefish
Gear type: Trap, Longline


M/V Jeanna Marie

The largest of our vessels, she has the capacity of up to 200,000 lbs. of frozen product. The "Jeanna" is used mostly for our production of FAS sablefish but can be converted into a trawler as well.

Length: 115 ft.
Production: Sablefish, Rockfish
Gear type: Longline, trawl